Product Lines

  • Collonil 1909

    The 1909 is the premium and luxurious leather care line of Collonil. Ingredients that are usually used in body care products were carefully selected and combined to develop special formulations to protect and preserve shoes, bags, clothing and other leather goods. A true "Anti-Aging" program for leather.

  • Collonil Carbon

    The latest innovation and revolutionary technology applied for the first time worldwide. The high-performance formula offers extremely durable and extended long-lasting protection against dirt and wetness while allowing the material to breathe. Protection and perfect breathability uniquely combined.

  • Collonil Classic

    Collonil Classic – simply and classically good: leather care with highest quality standards.

  • Collonil Organic

    90% of the ingredients used in our Collonil Organic line are natural – leather care that is good for the material and for the environment.

  • Collonil Apps

    It is not all about the look of shoes – comfort and function are equally important. Our Apps product line was developed as a solution to shoe problems like tight spots, color transfer, and odor.

  • Collonil Active

    Collonil Active products work under extreme conditions. Since 1962 Collonil has been part of the great expeditions all over the world and the development of the Active line is based on this tradition and experience.

  • Collonil Ped

    Collonil Ped offers an extensive collection of foot and shoe products -- insoles, shoelaces, and shoetrees. The line includes summer and all-season insoles, temperature-regulating insoles for optimum protection against the cold during winter, pressure-relieving insoles, pads and other shoe solutions that offer foot support and added comfort. This line also offer round and flat shoe laces in different lengths, as well as a variety of shoe trees for shoes, boots, as well as women’s sandals.

  • Collonil Nanopro

    Innovative and state-of-the-art products from the field of nanotechnology. Nano structures provide a long-lasting protective film that shield leather and textile fibers to make them highly resistant to water and dirt while allowing the material to breathe.