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The first and most important step in caring for your goods is waterproofing them. By treating the surface of the material with a waterproofer, you give your shoes, bags, and clothing a good layer of  protection from stain-causing elements such as rain, roadside splashes, and even errant food drippings. Ultimately, by waterproofing, you preserve and prolong the life of your goods.(Learn more about our 3-Step Regimen)


Environmental factors and wear and tear cause leather to fade, lose its suppleness and elasticity.  And because leather can no longer replace missing nutrients on its own, it is necessary to use special conditioning and color care products that will provide the essential nutrients that will keep leather moisturized, revitalized, and resistant to damaging environmental factors. (Learn about Why Care For Your Leather)


No matter how much we take care of our goods, it will accumulate dust and dirt. With the use of brushes and erasers, surface dirt is removed. This routine or dry method of cleaning works quickly and the material is treated gently. For deeply engrained dirt that cannot be cleaned using the routine or dry method, we usually turn to the wet method using deep cleansing products like shampoos.(Learn more about our 3-Step Regimen)