1909 Fine Polishing Brush

1909 Fine Polishing Brush

1909 Fine Polishing Brush


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The perfect tool for the perfect finishing touch.

  • Densely-packed with real natural goat hair
  • Finest and softest bristles provide smooth and gleaming surfaces
  • Curved wooden body with bevelled sides for ease of use
  • Made in Germany

Material Compatibility

  • Recommended for smooth, fine, greased, fashion and synthetic leather


  • Brushing removes surface dirt and dust. It can also loosen dirt and mud from the material. If a brush doesn’t remove all of the dirt, use a damp cloth to wipe away remaining dirt
  • Just like brushing your teeth, make it a habit to brush out your shoes and bags. The oils are still on the leather and on the brush so even without applying any care or clean product, you are already polishing and cleaning, all at the same time
  • Always remove surface dirt and mud before waterproofing or using any care or deep cleansing product
  • We recommend using a separate brush for shoes and another one for bags
  • Best used in conjunction with Collonil care and clean products