CARBON Midsole Sealer

CARBON Midsole Sealer

CARBON Midsole Sealer


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The CARBON line was developed specifically for the care of sneakers. Sneakers are the shoes of our times. They are used in sports and in play, but also as day-to-day footwear for work or leisure. At the same time, sneakers have become collectors’ items and a status symbol. Thanks to Collonil’s comprehensive experience in leather and textile care, we have developed a series of products
that will preserve any collection of sneakers or get them back into shape. For this reason, Collonil has collaborated with sneaker expert and designer, Hikmet Sugoer. As an important figure and icon of the sneaker community, he knows exactly what is on-trend and shares his passion for shoes and the desire to offer only the best. The result of this collaboration is our CARBON product line, which protects, cleans and cares for sports shoes and sneakers from the sole to the upper mesh.

The latest development from our research & development department! The CARBON MIDSOLE SEALER seals the midsole, providing
perfect protection against dirt of all kinds.

  • 100ml
  • Liquid with built-in sponge applicator
  • Made in Germany


  • Brushing removes surface dirt and dust. It can also loosen dirt and mud from the material. If a brush doesn’t remove all of the dirt, use a damp cloth to wipe away remaining dirt.
  • Always remove surface dirt and mud before waterproofing or using any care or deep cleansing product


  • Apply Midsole Sealer on to sole edges with the sponge rub, allow to dry. Your midsoles are now protected!
  • Important: Do not apply to upper shoe material!
  • After use, wash the sponge and cover the product with the cap.