Clean + Care Classic

Clean + Care Classic

Clean + Care Classic


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Highly-effective universal deep-cleaning foam for all materials and material combinations.

  • Removes deeply-engrained dirt and stains
  • Contains natural softeners and waxes
  • Without propellants and without solvents
  • Foam in a pump dispenser
  • Made in Germany

Material Compatibility

  • Suitable for all materials like smooth leather, fine leather, nubuck and suede, patent, greased leather, fashion leather, synthetic leather, metallic leather and textile
  • Also suitable for cleaning handbags, collar stains on leather jackets, insoles, crepe soles, sports and chldren’s shoes, even for computer keyboards and carpet stains
  • Check for the color fastness of the material by testing on a small inconspicuous area before applying the product to the whole material


  • Try to remove other stains with Collonil Soft Gum. For nubuck and suede, use the Collonil Cleaner to remove other ingrained dirt and the Collonil Crepe Brush to restore the nap. For oily stains, use Reiniger
  • Generally, articles should be cleaned using the routine or dry method first
  • Best used in conjunction with Collonil care and clean products


  • Wipe the area with a damp cloth to remove surface dirt
  • Press pump and apply the foam onto a cloth or sponge (not directly on the material).
  • Spread the foam evenly all over the material or stain. Allow Clean & Care time to absorb dirt and stains from the surface of the material
  • Wipe away foam from the material with a damp cloth. Allow to dry thoroughly
  • Once dry, buff smooth leather with Collonil Polishing Brush