Care Guide

  • regimen

    3-Step Regimen

    Collonil has been a leather care specialist since 1909. Just like skincare, leather and textile will benefit from a religious regimen. Follow these steps:

    The first and most important step in caring for your goods is waterproofing them. By treating the surface of the material with a waterproofer, you protect it from stain-causing elements. Take note: the waterproofer will not make your goods submersible or waterproof per set, but it will have a good layer of protection from rain, roadside splashes, and any errant food and beverage drippings that might otherwise ruin your beloved shoes, bag, or even sneakers.

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  • leather-care

    Why Care For Leather?

    Human skin can be sensitive to UV rays, harsh chemicals, and dirt; and so it is with leather. These factors cause leather to fade, wear out and lose its luster and suppleness. Leather also loses its elasticity, eventually becoming dry and brittle.

    And because leather can no longer replace missing nutrients on its own, it is necessary to use special care products that will provide the essential nutrients that will keep leather moisturized, revitalized, and resistant to damaging environmental factors..

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